For Better or For Worse by LeAnn Robinson (ePUB)

for better for worse, leann robinson

For Better or For Worse (Wedding Vows) by LeAnn Robinson – Free eBooks Download


When calm, confident and studious Diane Anderson meets handsome playboy Jason Talbot, sparks fly, and each of them thinks the budding relationship is going to develop into something special.

But Jason doesn’t want to lose his fun and irresponsible lifestyle just yet.
That means trouble.

Especially when Diane learns that she is pregnant. And since they parted ways without even exchanging phone numbers, she has no way to tell him about his impending fatherhood. All Diane wants at this point is reasonable child support, and to have the father who dumped her stay as far out of her life as possible.

Jason’s father knows about the pregnancy, though, and plans to get the two together.
With threats and bribes. And anything else that will work.

Will they agree to marry? And if they do, can they figure out how to make a good life for themselves? Can Jason mold himself into a better person, or will his worst qualities doom the relationship before it has even begun? Can Diane learn to trust and respect him, or will her doubts always haunt the couple?

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