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When Louisa Pelham’s family is forced to sell their house and leave everything behind, Louisa couldn’t feel more relieved to have a chance at a fresh start. However, the last thing she expected was to meet the endearingly attractive brother of the Duke of Grenfell, Isaac, who desperately wants to buy their house. Just when their passionate affair starts to grow, things take an unexpected turn for the worst, as Louisa’s father suffers an apoplectic attack and comes close to death. Suddenly, Louisa must find the strength to grow beyond her age, as her father can no longer financially support them. She is forced to face what seems like a dead-end option; to accept a very wicked offer from a man who wishes to ruin Isaac. In return, he promises to marry Louisa and restore her family back into society. Will Louisa follow her fiery heart and surrender to her burning desire? Or will she jump at the chance to pull herself out of her ruinous life?

Isaac Quince, the younger brother of the Duke of Grenfell, is destined to become a lawyer. When he hears about a house on sale, he instantly wants to buy it, but it’s not only the investment property he has his eye on… More importantly, he wants to use the purchasing process as an excuse to casually court the family’s seductive daughter who stole his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. Even though he has noticed her before and felt the electrifying connection, he never had an excuse to get close to her. This time though, he intends to win not only her body, but her fiery heart as well. The only obstacle is Stephen Strandmere and his long-standing grudge against Isaac, which makes him capable of anything that would guarantee Isaac’s financial and social failure. Will Isaac manage to convince Louisa he is her sizzling soul mate before it’s too late?

Torn between her family, the man she loves and the man who promises to save her, Louisa must make a decision. And she’d better make the right one, as just a tiny mistake can blow everything up. With Isaac’s and Louisa’s rivalry transforming into burning desire, it is clear that it is too late to resist their overwhelming connection. When every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire, will Isaac and Louisa’s love endure this temptation? Or will Stephen manage to destroy this passionate affair once and for all?

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