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For a Lady’s Fiery Heart by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


Lady Caroline Humphries is a spirited young woman who has experienced a big share of struggle in her short life. Due to her gambling father, she is faced with having to marry a wealthy gentleman to keep them out of debt. Resisting this dreadful future is pointless, as her fate has already been decided by her conniving father and the son of the wealthy Lord Deveroux. Luckily, Caroline is unexpectedly left mesmerised after meeting the charming Lord James Deveroux.
If only the revelation of their fathers’ schemes was not threatening to ruin their only chance of a happily ever after…
Lord James Deveroux is a man of honour and virtue, but his heart has been closed off since his beloved one left him years ago. Therefore, he never expected to fall in love again, let alone be pushed into marriage by his scheming father. However, as soon as he lays eyes on Caroline, he realises that she may be the key to unlocking his heart once again.
Could it be that a love match is still possible after such a rough start?
As Caroline and James navigate the stormy waters of their new marriage, they find themselves drawn to each other in ways they never thought possible. However, their families’ greed and recklessness threaten to tear them apart. Will Caroline and James be able to rise above the obstacles in their path and find happiness in an everlasting union? Or will their growing love collapse under the burden of external pressure and doubt?

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