For a Governess’ Fiery Kiss by Henrietta Harding (ePUB)

governess' fiery kiss, henrietta harding

For a Governess’ Fiery Kiss by Henrietta Harding – Free eBooks Download


Even though the alluring raven-haired Emilia came as a governess in Edwin’s estate with a strong recommendation, she is on the run from a horrendous past. She’s newly orphaned and ruined, wanting only the peace and quiet that a governess position for Edwin’s stoic daughter allows. She never expected though her new employer to be so handsome that she can barely resist the temptation. She soon discovers that she is not the only one who is hiding secrets, but that doesn’t stop her lascivious longing. There is a dreadful scandal that has tarnished Edwin’s name and left him broken-hearted… Can a governess full of secrets find a place in Edwin’s house and most importantly in his wounded heart?

Edwin Huntington moved with his jaw-droppingly gorgeous blonde, Cecily, and their young daughter, Jane, across the country, so he could work as a high-ranking military officer. Little did he know that he and his daughter would be abandoned by Cecily for his cousin, the next in line to Edwin’s wealthy uncle’s estate. Since Jane doesn’t seem to take kindly to her mother’s disappearance, Edwin soon realizes the urgent need of a governess. But when the new magnetic governess appears to be more than he ever wished for, he finds himself trying to tame his growing feelings. After all he’s been through, could she really be the one to set his body and soul on fire?

Emilia and Edwin know they are playing dangerously close with fire, but their intriguing lust is too overwhelming to resist. As the story of Cecily and Edwin’s wealthy cousin, Marcus, is not over yet, whatever joy and passion Edwin and Emilia might have found together is at high risk. Can they defy everyone and turn this promising desire into an everlasting love? Or will their passionate affair go down in flames before it fills them with sparks?

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