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foolproof, jo chambliss

Foolproof (Waterproof: Navy SEALs #8) by Jo Chambliss – Free eBooks Download


Scars suck. So does life as a circus freak when everyone stares but no one can make eye contact.

Being a fashion model-turned Navy SEAL, Leo “Skin” Ramsay is no stranger to people gawking at him, but since being injured on his last mission, those who do look, do so with revulsion. It seems the good woman and family he desires so much is no longer possible. Not when he’s damaged goods.
Being a high-powered executive in the family business wasn’t a given, and Mira is determined to earn her place at the table. Armed with a master’s degree in business from Harvard, Mira Canaveri is prepared for a career that was a lifelong goal. Or is she?
When business as usual turns out to be nothing like she studied, she finds a night of solace in the arms of a stranger that sees her worth beyond designer labels.
That one night gives Mira two reasons to gather the strength to leave and start over somewhere else. Only, her father and his business partner have no intentions to let her break their arrangement.
To save herself and her unborn baby, Mira will risk everything to come out of hiding and reach out to the beautiful, scarred man, hoping he won’t turn her away.
Leo doesn’t hesitate when the woman he’s been trying to find shows up looking for his protection. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, but he’s just one man against a pair of well-funded CEOs.
It’s time to call in a few favors and hope that it’s enough.

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