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You might wonder how a nerd like me ends up dating the rough, cocky quarterback known for his playboy ways. The one who happens to be my bully that I’m already forced to tutor. For a smart girl, that might sound like a questionable decision, but there’s a simple explanation.
We’re faking it.
At least, that’s the arrangement.
So why does something other than fear tingle through my body every time he threatens to make me work off my debt in his bed?
There’s an explanation for that too.
Sebastian Swift makes smart girls stupid.

You might wonder how a stud like me gets tied down by a nerdy little prude who happens to be my best friend’s sister and therefore off limits.
It’s simple. I never met a challenge I didn’t want to take.
And taking the town’s perfect little princess is more tempting every day.
Especially when my friends make a bet that I can’t turn the good girl bad.
Pretty soon, I’m not sure what I want more. To make her bad, or to make her mine.

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