Fooling Around with Ford by Piper James (ePUB)

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Fooling Around with Ford (Sweet Pea Flings #1) by Piper James – Free eBooks Download


Merry freaking Christmas to me.

I was set up. Tricked. Manipulated.
The life and career I’d worked so hard to build crumbled around me, so I abandoned it and moved across the county to live with my parents. Shady Springs Retirement Community in Sweet Pea, Florida was the perfect place to hide out, even if I was stuck sleeping on the couch.
Along came Ford Birmingham, a jerk who ran over my things with his lawnmower, destroyed them and blamed me for the whole mess. As frustrating as he was charming, I wanted nothing to do with him.
But it didn’t take long for my resolve to melt beneath the weight of his kindness, his wit, and the attraction he never bothered to hide. I’d never felt that kind of heat from anyone, and the way he made me feel…
Merry freaking Christmas to me.

I’d mowed the grass at Shady Springs for twenty years and never met a resident as intriguing as the beautiful and feisty Virginia Jones. Of course, everyone else who lived there was at least twenty years my senior, so…
I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I replaced her belongings—the ones I’d accidentally destroyed—but she was as stubborn as she was beautiful. A well-designed Christmas light display, a couple of drunken text messages, and our obvious chemistry sealed the deal. I knew I’d won her over, but to what end?
She would leave Sweet Pea, and me, eventually. Her life was elsewhere, and this was just a pit stop. But sometimes, the reward was worth the risk. And I’d always been one to go all-in.

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