Followed By The Highlander by Rebecca Preston (ePUB)

followed highlander, rebecca preston

Followed By The Highlander (Highlander Forever #11) by Rebecca Preston – Free eBooks Download


When she wakes up in 16th century Scotland, Amanda finds herself stuck between an obsessed goblin and a handsome guardsman sworn to protect her…
Children’s book author Amanda Reyes goes in for a simple surgery but her death on the table lands her waking in Loch Ness, hundreds of years in the past. Struggling to shore, she’s immediately confronted by a band of goblins and flees into the arms of Night Watchman Alastair Grant.
Alastair’s specialty is goblin-hunting but even he can’t protect the new woman from the future when one of the goblins becomes infatuated with her and intent on having her for himself. Nor can Alastair deny his own attraction to the confused woman.
Smitten by the dashing but blunt hero who has sworn to keep her safe, Amanda finally has something truly positive to focus on in this new world. But his promise ends up terribly tested when he fails to stop her kidnapping. To save her life and restore her trust, he will have to go against the Laird’s orders and single-handedly rescue her.

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