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Follow Your Dreams (Highland Falls #4) by Kat Ryan – Free eBooks Download


Noah’s a Chicago librarian who moved home to Highland Falls. Elle traded the big city to be closer to her small-town family. When these strangers become friends, can Nate convince Elle to follow her dreams—and take a chance on him?

Elle Robinson
As a kid, stories were what I disappeared into when I wanted to escape reality, but fiction writing doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve moved to Highland Falls to be near my sister and day one has me in the path of a dreamy librarian. He’s by my side when I confided my dreams of writing, and he’s there when everything goes south at work. He seems to be interested in me, but there’s no way my life would ever resemble the fiction I love to write.

Nate Roberts
After working in one of the largest library systems in the world, I moved to one of the smallest. Highland Falls is where my grandparents lived and where my heart feels at home. Moving back seemed like a good idea, but didn’t nothing felt right until I met Elle Robinson, even if my neat and orderly life gets knocked a bit off kilter as a result. I thought I knew what the future held, but now I know for sure. It’s Elle. I just need to help her listen to her heart as well.

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