Focusing on Marigold by Katharine O’Neill (ePUB)

focusing on marigold, katharine o'neill

Focusing on Marigold (The Flower Shop) by Katharine O’Neill – Free eBooks Download


I made a mistake. Now he wants to taunt me.
Marigold found out the hard way why she shouldn’t date a sponsor. She catches Trey cheating, and he seems to think rubbing it in her face is the way to go about it. After humiliating her at the Christmas party, Marigold is desperate for some refuge. And it ends up being in the arms of more than one man: her gorgeous boss Darren, his sexy roommate and Vancouver Vikings coach Jake, and his experienced partner Nathan.
I’ve been in love with her for years. How can I share her?
Darren’s carried a torch for Marigold since they first met. When he sees a chance to help her, he’s right there with his roommates to get her away from Trey and his date. The problem is, Darren is aware that Jake and Darren have had their eyes on her as well. And they’re not going to back down and watch Darren take Marigold for themselves. Not unless they watch. Or join in.
When the offer is presented, Marigold doesn’t see the harm. It’s just one night of steamy fun with some gorgeous guys who desire her. What could go wrong with one night?

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