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fly away, jen talty

Fly Away (Emerald City #3) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


Troy Bowie has no desire to do anything but fly the friendly skies at twice the speed of sound. The only relationship he’s ever wanted is one with the military. His career means more to him than anything—except his family. And he does whatever he can to be there for his parents and his siblings whenever possible. So, when the Navy gives him a few weeks off to attend his niece’s christening, he takes it. He loves being at home—at least, for short periods—but after a few days, he’s ready to get back into the cockpit of a fighter jet and go wherever the military needs him most.
Until he meets an intriguing young woman with a broken heart and decides to help her put it back together before he leaves for his next deployment.
As a Navy brat, Priela Sloane traveled all over the globe—a lifestyle she valued but not something she wanted for herself. She cut a deal with her father and served her time in the military before heading off to culinary school. Now finally on her own, Priela wants nothing to do with strong, alpha males. And she sure as hell doesn’t want to date a fighter pilot. All the military ever did for her was destroy the only person she ever loved: her brother. However, Troy isn’t a typical Navy man, nor does he come from a typical family, and he keeps breaking down her defenses and proving all her theories wrong.

At the end of his leave, will she let him fly away, or will she fly away with him?

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