Flirting with Faith by Kaye Kennedy (ePUB)

flirting with faith, kaye kennedy

Flirting with Faith (Flirting with the Finest #3) by Kaye Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes, all you can do is have faith that everything will turn out as it should.

My twin sister is missing. As a forensic medium, I’ve spent my adulthood developing skills that could help me find her, and when women turn up murdered in Staten Island, I’m convinced they’re linked to her disappearance.
In a twist of fate, my criminally attractive (and much younger) neighbor is one of the detectives on the serial case, and I’ve been brought in on the investigation. As we work to stop the killer, I start falling for Erik, but the last thing I need is a distraction.
Before I can explore what’s happening to my heart, I need to find out the truth, even if my digging leads me directly into the crosshairs.

I risked my heart once. Never again.
At least that had been my intention with Aubrey after the one-night stand we’d had months ago, but now that we’re working together, I find myself catching feelings.
Worse than that, we’ve gotten caught up in a case of murder and corruption that’s unlike anything this city has ever seen, and I’m racing to expose the truth before she and I become the next victims.
Even though I’m probably gonna lose everything, I won’t stop until justice is served. And as much as I want to deny it, I won’t stop until Aubrey is mine.
But first, we have to survive.

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