Flipping for His Omega by Harper B. Cole (ePUB)

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Flipping for His Omega (Cafe Om Forever #4) by Harper B. Cole, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes it’s not just the house, but also a life that needs renovating.

Alpha Glenn Simpson has lived his life on the go, always traveling for work. Now that he has settled down and is working in Rosewood, he starts to see what his life has been missing by never stopping long enough to grow roots. He wants more than just a job, he wants a happy ever after. He settles for buying an as-is but has potential house in the hopes of renovating it into so much more.

Omega Taylor Stapleton grew up in Rosewood and left only long enough to go to college. Now that he’s back, he’s ready to make both a name and a living for himself by selling properties in the growing community. Until that happens, he picks up shifts at Café Om where he meets an alpha he wants to be more than just a prospective client.
When Taylor and Glenn meet, the attraction is instant, but can two men at different stages of their life make it as more than a one-night fling?

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  • Flipping for His Omega – Harper B. Cole, Colbie Dunbar ePUB



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