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flash, misha blake

Flash (Badges of the Capital #1) by Misha Blake – Free eBooks Download


Lieutenant Lucas ‘Flash’ Walker is the epitome of an everyday hero, one who’s hotter than the very inferno he battles. In the midst of an out-of-control fire, Luke’s life turns upside-down, in the worst way since it nearly claims the life of his best friend and fellow firefighter, but also in the best way because what he doesn’t expect is to meet the woman who’ll dictate the beating of his heart in the core of that very hell.

For Firefighter Ella Matthews there’s no better way to battle a haunting past than by making it a present. Or so she believes when she searches for a fresh start in the very city that witnessed her entire life go up in flames sixteen years ago. What she doesn’t foresee in her new beginning is the handsome, charming man she helps out of an inferno.
Unexpectedly as it is, in that instant their worlds collide, sparks fly and they ignite into the flames of a passion that renders them powerless and leaves them craving for more.

But a fresh start might be harder to find than expected. Not when there’s a serial arsonist on the loose who hits closer and closer to home. Not when Ella’s tarnished, crashed and burned legacy left scars and a past that still haunts her. But especially not when amidst an unfolding investigation once they learn more than they bargained for, Luke and Ella find themselves fighting against the clock. One that threatens to break them apart once and for all. Whatever their future brings, they are determined to fight against the merciless odds till the very end for one more stab at that passion that consumes them so thoroughly.

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