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Flaming Embrace (Sweet Delights #3) by Ava Hunter – Free eBooks Download


Riley Drake, single mother and owner of her family bakery, has no time for anything but her eleven-year-old daughter and keeping their only financial means in business. But when Gerri Wilder asks her to cater a charity event, Riley jumps at the chance for the extra money. What she doesn’t expect is a chance at love.
Lukaz Ryzin, dragon shifter, he’s a workaholic because the thought of returning to his lonely home crushes his soul. When he meets a beautiful pastry shop chef, his mate dreams come true. The problem is that she’s human which means he has to get her love the hard way: he has to earn it, which he’s totally clueless about.
While Lukaz and Riley struggle, an unexpected evil lurks in the shadows. If Riley doesn’t give it what it wants, it will take everything from her, including her daughter. Lukas and Riley have to come together, and figure out some hard truths, if they want to save all they love.

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