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flame, tana stone

Flame (Inferno Force of the Drexian Warriors #5) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


The only thing worse than always being upstaged by your perfect sister? Falling for her alien fiancé.
I wasn’t supposed to end up on the Drexian space station or be matched to one of their gorgeous warriors as a tribute bride. My perfect twin sister is the one they wanted. Instead, I stole her spot. The trouble is, I’m not tribute bride “material,” whatever that means, and I’m on the first transport back to Earth in disgrace.
Before I can be shipped off, my sister’s transport to the station is hijacked. Feeling that her abduction is all my fault, I stow away on one of the rescue ships but am quickly discovered. When we’re also attacked by the Kronock, we end up crashing on an alien planet.
The Drexian I’m stranded with is gorgeous, brave, and a giant pain in my ass. From what I can tell, he finds me just as aggravating. What I don’t yet know? The pilot is also the Drexian my sister was supposed to marry—and we’re stuck together on an alien world with no sign of rescue.

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