Flame and Starlight by Dana Isaly (ePUB)

flame starlight, dana isaly

Flame and Starlight (The Esteria #1) by Dana Isaly – Free eBooks Download


Alys grew up hearing stories about the Fae that were hunting her; dark, powerful creatures that could live forever. Her mother warned her about them, moving them from city to city, always trying to stay one step ahead.
But Alys always thought they were merely the ramblings of an eccentric woman and let her guard down once her mother was gone. Left on her own, she’s found, marked, and taken.
Asher is tall, dark, and handsome…and Fae.
He claims he took Alys from the human world for her own safety but she doesn’t trust him or the dangerous feeling he stirs inside of her. As he pushes, she pulls, refusing to be used as a pawn in whatever game he’s playing.
Forced to live under the same roof as her captor, Alys soon learns there’s more to the story, discovering the disturbing truth about her connection to Asher. When the opportunity to leave presents itself, it won’t be easy for her to walk away. Faced with an impossible decision, she’ll have to choose what life she wants to lead, and who she wants to lead it with.

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