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fixing flirt, rachael eliker

Fixing to Flirt (Button Blossom #3) by Rachael Eliker – Free eBooks Download


I can run with the boys, but what do I do when I want to be the woman of one man’s dreams?
Button Blossom is the epitome of a quaint small town, and if anyone should be a pillar of the tight-knit community, it should be Deputy Clint Grange. He’s upstanding. It’s his crumbling house on Main Street that makes him look bad.
That’s where I come in.
Swallowing his pride, and admitting he’s useless with power tools, Clint hired River Renovations to flip his house, restoring it to its former glory. What he didn’t expect was for me to show up–red hair, petite, and the woman he’d given a traffic citation to the day before.
Can anyone say awkward?
Whatever. I’m the consummate professional, and am too busy making his house look amazing to notice how often he’s out the door to go on dates. Besides, if my llama, Lloyd, doesn’t like him, that should be a sign, right?
To be fair, Lloyd spits on pretty much everyone.
I try to ignore my mounting feelings by pretending I’m nothing more than Clint’s pal, but it reaches a boiling point that neither of us can contain. Fixing his house is one thing, but flirting with Clint might be what ruins the friendship we’ve built, and any future we could have.

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