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fix me, elodie colt

Fix Me (Florida Flowers #4) by Elodie Colt – Free eBooks Download


He wants a second chance. She wants a second life.
I have a confession to make.
My sister died because of me.
Because I kissed her boyfriend, Mason. Because my betrayal broke Violet’s heart and ultimately her desire to live. And what do you do if the guilt devours you? You run.
So, I left my past and teenage crush behind me, moved away, and continued to pursue my surfing career.
Three years later, I learn that he moved here, too.
Okay, don’t panic. It’s not as if we’re neighbors. Doctor Mason Glover’s rehab center is fifty miles away. A safe distance to keep him out of my sight, mind, and heart.
But fate has a cruel twist in store for me. The life-destroying kind, where you wake up in the hospital, unable to move your damn legs. My bones are shattered, just like my dream of ever riding a wave again.
Mason thinks he can get me back on my feet, pushing me to give his rehab training a chance.
But let’s be realistic: Success rate of physical therapy—one percent. Success rate of suicide—a safe bet… if I can heave my crippled limbs up and jump out the window, that is.
I’ll give it a shot. Violet, here I come.

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