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First Time (My Best Friend’s Little Sister #4) by Lauren Wood – Free eBooks Download


I touched her in the most intimate ways, on her parent’s couch.
David wasn’t supposed to fall for his best friend’s little sister. But he couldn’t help it.

I wasn’t looking for a woman.
They were complicated and never worth the stress to keep them as far as I was concerned.
I wanted anonymous sex with a new hot girl every night.
Then I met Aria and it changed everything.
She wasn’t the typical girl and when I finally got her in my arms, I knew that Aria was about to change everything.
With a touch.
A taste
One kiss and she was bound to be mine.
I would make her scream.
Make her call out my name until she couldn’t scream no more.

He was hard and handsome, and the man knew it.
I tried to ignore the draw I had to him.
I wanted him, even though I knew it was a mistake.
When David made his pass, I turned him down cold.
But he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
He wouldn’t stop pushing and finally I gave in.

It was far more damaging than I could have ever imagined.

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