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First Match (Arizona Rattlesnakes #1) by Pippa Green – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes I feel every inch of my thirty-eight years. Maybe that’s why I allow myself a single moment of indulgence—a one night stand with a hot, young singer who is definitely not for me. Who can blame me for going for it?
I’m usually content living my life as a grumpy single dad with a teenage daughter—a handful of a kid who wants me and her mom back together, which is never going to happen. My life isn’t so bad. After all, I’m the Coach for the Arizona Rattlesnakes NHL team, and when I speak, a whole team of people listen.
I don’t expect to meet Ms. Sexy Singer again, not at my daughter’s parent-teacher conference (Talk about awkward)! And I definitely don’t expect our one-night stands to happen again…and again.
And again.
This is just sex, right?
Until it starts to feel like more. There’s something about Willa Bennett that I just can’t resist, and I know her unexpected pregnancy should freak me the frick out…but it doesn’t. Unfortunately for me, my wild young lover still has her sights set on Nashville and the record deal she deserves. She might even have those sights set on her ex.
Turns out I have real feelings for my baby mama and while I might be in charge at the Rattlesnakes, I can’t make Willa do a damn thing I want, when I want. (At least, not out of the bedroom).
She’s a beautiful song bird and I know I can’t cage her in, even if I want to. So what the hell are we gonna do now?

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