First Love by Christine DePetrillo (ePUB)

first love, christine depetrillo

First Love (Moon Valley Packs #2) by Christine DePetrillo – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t need to get tangled up with a human…
My pack was slaughtered by a wandering band of wolves, and I’m the only one left. And guess whose fault it is that my pack got annihilated. Go ahead. Guess.
Yup. It’s me.
I can’t stay here because those wolves will kill me if I do, and I’m a big fan of not being dead. I stuff a few belongings into a bag and head to the airport. Montana is where I’ve spent every single day since my birth, but it is no longer my home.
I land in Moon Valley, Vermont to find the Alpha of the biggest pack in New England and plead for protection. He’s away on his honeymoon because that’s how my luck rolls. Now I have days to wait before I can speak with him. Shit turns even worse when my rental car with all my crap in it is stolen from a diner parking lot.
At least the burgers were good.
Without possessions, transportation, and family, I succumb to the breakdown that has been threatening me all day. I end up sobbing on a random sidewalk curb in this small town.
Where the kindest human male finds me and makes me smile despite my misery. Jasper Cavanaugh feeds me, offers me bourbon to drown my troubles, and gives me a place to stay. I then make a grave mistake.
I fall for him.
No pack can accept a wolf who bonds with a human. It’s totally against the rules. Now I have to decide what I need more – the protection of a wolf pack or Jasper’s love.

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