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You know how it goes, girl meets boy, has a crush, hides it. But what if it went a little like this: girl meets boy, has a desire, and the third time she meets him – acts on it with surprisingly steamy results?

Antonia is the brilliant twenty-ish-year-old college student and best friend of Julian Rannulf. She gives Morticia Addams a run for her money, clothed in black, knows what she wants while shining brightly with kindness and drive, and Tonia wants one thing: her person. In emulation of her parents, this young woman desires her first lover to be the only lover she knows. Who Antonia can grow with, change with, and explore life beside.
Orion is a man who has lived out his youth and settled into middle age with three grown sons. He didn’t even realize he needed someone in his life. Yes, the pretty blonde his son hangs out with is brilliant, but Orion shouldn’t – can’t – act on his wild desires.

Readers should be aware this is a May-December age gap romance and contains explicit sexual themes. Trigger warnings include: Daddy and Little Girl/one as nicknames, breeding kinks, Negotiated and Non-Negotiated Consensual Non-Consent (specifically Somnophilia ), and Sexual Assault. The language is lewd, the spice is a solid level 4.

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