First Kiss with the Quarterback by Maggie Dallen (ePUB)

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First Kiss with the Quarterback (How to Catch a Crush #4) by Maggie Dallen – Free eBooks Download


She’s on his campus to score a science scholarship…so how did she win the quarterback’s heart?

This shy high school senior never imagined her first kiss would come from a college quarterback. But then again, she never thought she’d get kissed at all. Not anytime in this decade, at least.
Speaking to guys is definitely not Charlotte’s forte. She’s more of a data and numbers kind of girl. But when her friends convince her that this weekend-long science competition is the best way to get her lab partner’s attention, she’s ready to step outside her comfort zone and show her old friend that she’s more than just a big brain.

Her first attempt at a flirtation? Not a success. But help comes along in the form of West, the college quarterback, a guy three seconds away from failing out…unless he can get a science geek to help him out. It’s quid pro quo for the science nerd and the athlete. Until feelings get involved.
Now no one is certain who likes who or what’s real and what’s fake…least of all Charlotte. Isn’t there some sort of experiment that could help her sort out the truth from the lies?

According to West, there is.
The details of this lab experiment? Well, it involves a first kiss…

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