Fireman Daddy’s Smoking Little by Scott Wylder (ePUB)

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Fireman Daddy’s Smoking Little (Firefighters Daddies Little #12) by Scott Wylder – Free eBooks Download


She was terrified of love. He was desperate to prove her wrong.

All of my life I only saw one thing when it came to love.
My father. My mother. They tried to find love over and over again.
It never worked.
I vowed never to follow in their footsteps, and I kept that vow.
Until I met, Nick. The hot, tall, charming firefighter that also happens to be a Daddy.
He makes both my body, and my heart, burn.
Can I keep my vow when he is always there?
Am I weak for giving into to him, or for letting the failures of others rule my life?

Star is the smoking hot photographer hired to take photos of the crew.
From the moment I see her, I knew what I wanted.
When I learn she is a little, I know she needs a guidance that only I can give. .
Star will be mine, but first I have to catch her.
Something is making her run, even if I can see she wants me as much as I want her.
It’s only a matter of time before she’s mine though, so I will play her game.
She made this into a competition, and I have no plans to lose.
Not when Star is the prize.

Fireman Daddy’s Smoking Little Is a short and hot story of love, romance, and AgePlay. Star has no interest in love, but when she meets Nick, a personal vow she made waivers. He is everything she never wanted in a man, and the best Daddy she has ever seen. Nick knows he wants her from the start, but she is running from something. He doesn’t know what, but he is determined to find out. Will love find a way through the battle filed Star has created? Or will they fall apart before she ever gives him a chance? This story contains elements of DDLG and a happily ever after that will warm your heart.

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