Firefighter Wolf’s Next Door Mate by J. S. Striker (ePUB)

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Firefighter Wolf’s Next Door Mate (Midlife Mates #1) by J. S. Striker – Free eBooks Download


Rules for my midlife crisis:
1. Leave my a-hole ex—Check
2. Move to a small town—Check
3. Stay far away from men—Oops
Seems like an easy enough plan. But rule number three goes up in smoke when I move in next to a hot, young firefighter who, despite our first disastrous meeting, seems to have a thing for me.
I do my best to resist the pull I feel. He’s a lot younger, and I’m still licking my wounds from my previous relationship. You know what they say about once bitten, twice shy … especially when there’s an actual wolf shifter involved.
But he’s persistent and patient, and so gorgeous, and I find more pleasure with him in one night than the entirety of my past lovers combined.
When I unknowingly lead dangerous forces to our sleepy town the Alpha orders all shifters on deck, that includes my wolf.
I can only hope we both make it out alive and we get our happy ever after.

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