Fire Planet Vikings by Juno Wells, J. S. Wilder (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Fire Planet Vikings (Hot Dating Agency #1) by Juno Wells, J. S. Wilder – Free eBooks Download


Take two dying alien races and one human female. What’s the result? A dating agency.

Stevan leader of the Fire Planet wants to save his own people, once he shifts and lands on Earth. He abducts Catherina after seeing her bring a man to his knees after he tries to mug her. Stevan decides that she’s exactly what his people need, he soon realizes that he needs a lot more than fighting to join the two races. He needs a way to connect them and Catherina uses her skills of working for a dating agency back on Earth to connect them.

Catherina has a dead end job back on Earth, with the rise of technology – dating agencies have become a thing of the past. She enjoys bringing the two races together. Her role on the planet is done, but there’s just one problem. The passion that she shared with the seven-foot leader makes her want to stay. Sereni has other ideas as she wants to claim Stevan for her own, and she doesn’t want a small, pale-blooded human to take her place as Stevan’s rightful mate. Sierra is out to get Catherina before Stevan begs Catherina to stay.

Can Catherina win against Sierra for the heart of the leader?

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