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fire, be brouillard

Fire (Becoming the Orc Queen #1) by BE Brouillard – Free eBooks Download


I’ve never seen the face of the beast who pursues me.
All I know is that he’s relentless in his quest.
They say that I have the Curse. A ticking timebomb of uncontrollable bloodlust.
If only they knew that everything I’ve done, I did for my people. Still, they plan to cage me. Lock me up and give me a “cure” that may end up killing me.
Now, I’m on the run from a relentless hunter. There’s no escape. He’ll follow me to the farthest reaches of our realms – and if he catches me, I’m doomed.

Surrender is not in my nature; I’ll fight him fang and claw if I have to.

I just wish he didn’t revel so much in the chase. You see, my pursuer is an elite Orc guard, and the faster I run, the harder I resist the more he seems to enjoy it.
With each interaction, there is a dangerous dance between predator and prey, and the lines are seriously beginning to blur. Now, I’m questioning who truly holds the upper hand as I find myself playing a treacherous game of danger and desire. Who knew that an orc could be so deliciously sexy? So strong, so powerful, and unstoppable in everything me does…and I mean everything.
Then, a knight in shining armor rescues me from the Orc tyrant – and just when I was starting to think that I might not want to be rescued, after all. I soon discover I’ve gone from the frying pan into a raging inferno.

And I’m seriously loving the heat.

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