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Fine Line (Inked Duet #1) by Persephone Autumn – Free eBooks Download


Love is never easy. Especially when three hearts are involved.

My heart shattered the day my best friend married her soulmate. A man I will always envy. Cora was never meant to be mine. But I never understood the reason why.
Until now. Until Autumn. When I enter the tattoo shop, Autumn is the last person I expect. A woman who garners my attention. A beaming star in my dark sky. A woman who soothes my soul and glues my broken pieces back together. For the first time in years, I picture no one except Autumn in my arms. And I plan to make it a reality.

My heart learned envy on my friend’s wedding day. She married her soulmate, but also enraptured another man. Not getting romantically involved with anyone is my fate. The hand life dealt me. A notion I came to terms with years ago. But all that gets thrown to the wayside the day I meet him. Jonas. The night Jonas sits in my chair, I forget how to breathe. Forget how to do anything except smile. He kickstarts my heart and teaches it a new rhythm. A rhythm I memorize and play on repeat.

For the first time in years, I throw all my reasons for staying single out the window. For once, I trust life has given me another chance at love.
…until the past comes knocking on my door.

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