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finding sanctuary, susi hawke

Finding Sanctuary (Sanctuary B&B #1) by Susi Hawke – Free eBooks Download


Sanctuary B & B—Our wards are strong and our door is open!

Running a B&B is hard enough, but doing it inside the warded walls of a quirky, ancestral castle in downtown Austin, TX adds its own set of special challenges. Darcy Valentine not only protects and takes care of the motley mixed group of supernaturals and humans who’ve sought sanctuary within its walls, he also has to contend with ghosts with marital woes and his meddling, bossy mama.

After a frustrated call to his favorite podcast—hosted by a man rumored to be a genie—and an accidental wish for his heart’s desire, Darcy meets his favorite author, Storm D’Arcy. Except, Storm isn’t exactly the kind of man he expected… or human. Storm is a vampire. A charming, gorgeous, blood-sucking monster. But then again, appearances can be deceiving.

On the run to save his handi-capable sister from the vampires chasing them, Storm comes to Sanctuary to beg for protection. His only wish is for the pair to find a new home within its walls. The absolute last thing Storm’s looking for is a feisty human who’s armed with enough silver blades to kill him without blinking… and an even sharper tongue.

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