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finding malakai, celia pereira

Finding Malakai (Black Jack’s #1) by Célia Pereira – Free eBooks Download


Guilt: “A self-conscious emotion characterized by a painful appraisal of having done (or thought) something that is wrong and often by a readiness to take action designed to undo or mitigate this wrong.”

When my heart failed me, she came bursting through the dark tunnel with her light and brought me back to life. She touched a part of my soul that was nonexistent, proving that even a man like me could love someone so beautiful. And that I deserved to be loved in return.
I should have known better than to think I could have someone so precious by my side.
Then the worst night of my life happened. That night was a clusterfuck from the beginning. Too much red tape, even to save one of our own. We were given a hard time getting the green light until we said fuck it and went to get our brotherback.
She wasn’t supposed to be there. We didn’t know she was there.
What happened thatnight set in motion how I deserved to live out the rest of my days.
Without her in it.

He was the light that sparked a love inside me I never knew existed. I wanted something more for myself but didn’t know what, until I saved his life. I felt alone in the world. Lost. but with him, I felt a sense of belonging. Like myplace was by his side.
And then that night ruined everything, in ways neither of us could ever understand.
In the depths of hell, he pulled me out of my worst nightmare, only to throw me into another.
One where he was no longer with me.
Guiltconsumes you in the worst possible way. Especially when you know you failed the one you love.

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