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finding home, avery ford

Finding Home (Men of Christopher Street #3) by Avery Ford – Free eBooks Download


Everyone says we’d be perfect together. But how do we justify risking our friendship for something that might not work out?

Justin Hayes has been friends with Colt for as long as he can remember. They grew up down the street from each other. They graduated together and have been roommates on Christopher Street ever since. People have always said they’d make a great couple, but Justin and Colt decided a long time ago that it would never work. With their dating pool in New York feeling more shallow than ever and the rest of their friends talking about marriage, Justin is beginning to wonder if he and Colt might be missing their chance to find love.

Colt Baxter has never had time for love. He’s dated plenty of guys but never felt that special spark that people always talk about. And anyway, he has everything he could want in a partner already in his best friend, Justin. Still, with everyone around them talking about settling down, Colt knows it’s only a matter of time before he and Justin have to make some difficult decisions. Even the best of friends don’t end up living together forever.

When Justin and Colt get invited to tag along on Brandon and Mark’s honeymoon in the Bahamas, it feels like the perfect time to cut loose, have fun, and try things they’ve never done before. Things they’ve both fantasized about. They can’t stay in paradise forever, though. Will their friendship survive when it’s time to go back home? Or will they risk losing it all to take a chance on these new feelings that might not last?

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