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“Love hits you when you least expect it…” I never understood that saying until my fiance slapped me for the first time. Hitting rock bottom was the push I needed to get away, moving out of state and becoming a live-in nanny. Then I fell in love with the little boy in my care, determined to protect him from the cruelty of the world. His distant father even started to grow on me.
But Anthony was hiding a piece of himself. A darkness that should have had me running in the opposite direction. Instead, that other side of him was my only chance of survival when my past collided with the new life I had built.

After finding out my ex-wife loved booze and drugs more than our son, I found myself raising him on my own, his safety my number one priority. Being both a dad and a detective with the Special Victims Unit was a balancing act. Each day more challenging than the last, even with my pastime of using the worthless men my job had me crossing paths with as human punching bags. I needed help… and fast.
When Gwendalyn walked into our lives, bringing with her more light than my jagged heart could take, and showing my son more love than he has ever known before, I swore to protect them both at any cost, but when her past and my work collide, I may be forced to make a difficult choice.

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