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finding grace, ava sinclair

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The death of Grace Alton’s father leaves her all alone in the world. She’s determined to make a go of the family farm, but a woman of her reputation can hardly expect support from the townsfolk of Drake’s Pass who have unjustly branded her as immoral. It doesn’t help that the town’s wealthiest man has is determined to lay claim to both her farm and her body. Grace is determined to deny him both, and to make the farm a success on her own.
Sawyer Blaine is a man with a past of his own. Drake’s Pass is a lot different from the ranch where he grew up, but far enough away to escape what he’s done. With his size and strength, he’s sure he’ll land a job with McCreed’s Mining Company, but when he’s passed over he finds himself hiring out to a work on the farm of a stubborn young woman whose tough exterior does little to hide the vulnerability that draws him to her.
For Grace, taking on a hired hand is a necessity but soon Sawyer realizes his employer needs more than a strong back. Silas McCreed offers him big money to sabotage Grace’s farm, triggering Sawer’s protective urges. But how can he protect a stubborn woman whose been done wrong by every man in her life – a woman who is clearly crying out for the love and discipline he wants to provide? Grace Alton may be the toughest woman he’s ever met, but Sawyer knows the truth – she needs love and a father figure to see her through the most difficult time of her life.

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