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finding evil, kerry taylor

Finding Evil (Visions of Evil #2) by Kerry Taylor – Free eBooks Download


When Lana Glenn fled from the abuse and uncertainty of her childhood, she hadn’t known where she was going or what would come next. She certainly hadn’t expected four handsome, kind, protective men to stumble into her life and claim her as theirs.
Even though her life has been far from easy since she met the four men she was always destined to be with, Lana has found safety, happiness, and love with them. She can see a future she never expected to find, and her happy ending is almost within her grasp.
Just one small snag – a race of monsters, sent by the ‘powers for evil’ hell bent on destroying her, before she destroys them. Lana and her twin have the power to destroy their enemy, or so everyone says, but are they strong enough to overcome the trauma life has handed them, and learn to fight back? And can they stay alive long enough to do that?
Can Lana, her fated mates and her long lost brother really do what is necessary to save their entire race?

This is book two of a three-part, slow burn, reverse harem, PNR series. It contains references to past abuse, violence and swearing. 18+

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