Filthy Twin Stepbrothers by S.E. Law (ePUB)

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Filthy Twin Stepbrothers (Forbidden Fantasies #20) by S.E. Law – Free eBooks Download


Chrissy: I’ve had a crush on my twin stepbrothers since I was a teen. Back then, Rick and Ryder were the popular guys in high school: handsome, strapping football stars with athletic physiques and dazzling blue eyes. Now, they’ve come back for our high school reunion, but what they don’t realize is that their dorky stepsister is going to reel them in … using a mini-skirt and high heels.

Ryder: Chrissy who? Our dad was married for a millisecond to Angela, a total gold-digger. Sure, Angela had a daughter, but we barely noticed the girl. She was just a mousy nothing with enormous buckteeth that looked like they could crack coconuts. But now, a woman approaches us during the reunion and says we know each other. Of course we do … we know her biblically, and we’ll be giving her a baby too!

Chrissy’s a bad girl with good intentions. She never meant to fall in love, much less with two men who are also her former stepbrothers, but it’s just what happens when the heat blazes out of control! This is taboo love at its finest, courtesy of yours truly. Put on your skimpiest top and get the ice cubes out because you’ll be sweating bullets by the end! No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

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