Fierce Bargain by L.J. Anderson, Ashlyn Fables (ePUB)

fierce bargain, lj anderson

Fierce Bargain (The Kings and Queens of the Apocalypse #6) by L.J. Anderson, Ashlyn Fables – Free eBooks Download


When Georgia finds out she’s pregnant during the apocalypse, she’s sure things can’t get any worse.
She was wrong.
Kidnapped by her father’s enemy, she’s kept below the earth, unsure of her fate. In true rock-bottom fashion, the mine shaft she’s being held in collapses, leaving her good as dead.
Thankfully, Dane from the elusive Keep comes to her rescue.
Tall, broody, and way too arrogant for his own good, Dane is determined to bring her back to her father and claim a reward. Unfortunately, first they have to trek through miles of wilderness to get to safety.
Georgia hates Dane, and he thinks she’s too mouthy for her own good. But when their pent up frustration gets the best of them, sparks fly.
As if things weren’t complicated enough.
But Dane is just as much a villain as he is a hero. He seeks to claim Georgia and her baby as his own—which she is not having.
Or at least that’s what she thinks.
Because the more she tries to resist his cocky demands, the more she finds herself wanting to be Kept.

***Fierce Bargain is a dark apocalypse romance that contains dark themes and may not be suitable for sensitive readers.***

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