Fielder’s Choice by Kaleigh Whitford (ePUB)

fielder's choice, kaleigh whitford

Fielder’s Choice (Love and Little League #1) by Kaleigh Whitford – Free eBooks Download


A Sox fan and a Yanks fan walk into a laundry room…

Divorce is hard. Looking around the remains of our old life and seeing my ex everywhere was harder. So, I packed up my son and moved us to Brooklyn. New place, new life, new us.
They say a clean start is healing, but so far all I’ve felt is doubt. Jake doesn’t seem to be adjusting to his new school, and we’re in a bit of a social rut. My job is great, and our apartment is in a thriving neighborhood, but I can’t help but feel like I might have made a mistake.
And then I meet him – Marco Rivera.

The fiery redhead next door has added the perfect spice to my life. Her son is a great kid, just a little shy, and I want to be the one that helps him break out of that shell. The Murphys fit in with my friends, my family, and the community I love here in Brooklyn like they were meant to be here.
From the moment I met Rachel, I knew she was special. But now that I’ve held her in my arms, I know that I need her to be mi Reina, my Queen, to have her and Jake by my side every day.
But just when I decide to take the plunge, her past spills into our present, and I’m left unsure of where we stand.
I have to step back and let her make her choice… And I’m just praying it’s me.

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