Feuding With My Fae Prince by Skylar Cassidy (ePUB)

feuding with fae prince, skylar cassidy

Feuding With My Fae Prince (Feuding Hearts) by Skylar Cassidy – Free eBooks Download


I grew up alone in an enchanted forest as a dragon shifter, yearning to belong.

But my world is rocked when I’m captured by a handsome fae prince.
He claims I’m half-angel with powers vital to reclaiming his kingdom.
We embark on a perilous journey to defeat the Shadowlord.
Navigating treacherous realms together, our fiery passion becomes impossible to ignore.
With every stolen glance and forbidden touch, the lines between duty and fate blur.
Hostility morphs into desire.
The Shadowlord’s forces grow stronger every day, threatening to annihilate all magical realms and seize control.
Our bond is the world’s only hope for survival.
Should darkness prevail, it will claim all realms, and our love will be its final conquest.

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