Fervent Montana Devotion by Ramona Flightner (ePUB)

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Fervent Montana Devotion (Bear Grass Springs #13) by Ramona Flightner – Free eBooks Download


A surprising reunion. A plea for forgiveness. A yearning for forever.

After dedicating his life to the Tompkins family, Shorty is content to act as surrogate uncle to the children on the ranch. He believes the marital happiness surrounding him will forever elude him, as his friends marry, and he remains alone. When he dances with a fetching stranger, he is spellbound by her beauty and spirit. However, he knows an old cowboy will never be good enough for a woman as fine as she. When he discovers her identity, he is shocked to learn she is the woman he loved and lost and never thought to see again. Why has she tracked him down?
Rose MacGregor knows the risk she takes traveling to Bear Grass Springs with only a fleeting hope and distant memories to guide her. Expecting hesitation from Shorty, she never dreams of his disdain and distrust. Now, alone in a town where she knows no one, she must struggle to rebuild her life while clinging to hope that she will have a future with the man she loved. Someday.
Shorty never expects to see Rose again, not after their disastrous encounter in town. However, when he is forced to see her again, he is unable to deny the strong emotions he has still for her. He must help her through her fear, and overcome his doubts, for any hope of a future between them.
When Rose is forced to confront her past, will she have faith in the stalwart man who offers her a resplendent future? Will Shorty have the patience and determination to win her heart?

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