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ferrous, valerie mars

Ferrous (Fae’s Folly #1) by Valerie Mars – Free eBooks Download


Four fae males. One mortal female. An ancient magic restored.

I just wanted to put on a banana suit and drink beer this Halloween. But when my hot neighbor and his Herculean friend announce they’re going to the same bar, I throw together a last-minute spy costume and meet them.
Their costumes? Some real Live Action Role Play type stuff. Or so I thought. One misstep on my walk home lands me in the realm of Faerie, and I discover those were no costumes.
My wardrobe choice turns prophetic when the Faerie council demands I earn my portal home by spying for traitors in their midst. Problem is, I’m not finding the traitors they meant me to. To make it worse, four alluring males are making me question why I’d even want to go home:

• Bash, the flirty blacksmith and arms instructor with a troubled past.
• Kai, the bookish assassin who lives under his father’s thumb.
• Ryland, the eternal thorn in my side with lips too pouty to be fair.
• And Enzo, the whimsical musician I can never seem to find.

My name is Mallory Brooks, and I’m just relieved that Faerie has coffee and bacon. I’m going to need them.

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