Feral Wolves of the Arctic by J.L. Wilder (ePUB)

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Feral Wolves of the Arctic by J.L. Wilder – Free eBooks Download


Things get a little complicated when you imprint on multiple alphas…

Book 1: Feral Wolves
I was the most prized omega of the southern wolf packs.
Banished to the Arctic, when I refused to mate my alpha.
Sent to live among the savage and wild ferals.
Now every feral alpha I meet wants me for his own.
I’m trying to deny the imprints, but it’s impossible not to want them back.
I long for all of them equally. I want them all to claim me.
Can I learn how to unify these wolves, before danger comes?
Feral wolves aren’t the only shifters running wild up North…..

Book 2: Feral Alphas
I’ve been kidnapped.
Taken from my alphas, and taken from my babies.
I’d move mountains to get them back.
To feel their imprint all over my body.
My captors want to destroy the ferals.
Will they convince my alphas I have betrayed them?
Will my harem fall apart without me?

Book 3: Omega’s Harem
The Omega’s Daughter
I knew it was time to find my mates.
I could feel their imprint calling.
I never realized my mates would be my kidnappers.
The sworn enemies of my pack.
They all desire me completely,
and it is tearing their alliance apart.
How can I unite the southern and northern packs,
When I can’t even unite my alphas?

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