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Feral Touch (Feral Silence #3) by Athena Wright – Free eBooks Download


Is he still the boy I grew up with, or are the rumors true? After all, everyone knows rock stars don’t date nice girls. Rock stars use nice girls.His back was to me, tall with long black hair falling over his shoulders. He signed autographs and took selfies. I wanted to shout and get his attention. I didn’t even know his name.He turned around. I saw his face up close for the first time. Time stopped. My limbs trembled, going weak. I was seeing a ghost. A ghost of the boy I’d grown up with. The boy I’d fallen in love with. The boy I’d long thought dead.Then dark eyes met mine as Ren spoke my name and I fell for him all over again.

Now he says he wants me in his life. I want to believe him, but five years is a long time. Ren’s changed. I’ve changed. He refuses to speak about the past. He won’t tell me why he ran off and disappeared. Is he still the boy I fell in love with? Or are the rumors true
After all, everyone knows rock stars don’t date nice girls.Rock stars use nice girls.

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