Feels like Rain by Tammy Falkner (ePUB)

feels like rain, tammy falkner

Feels like Rain (Lake Fisher #3) by Tammy Falkner – Free eBooks Download


Lake Fisher is a place where miracles happen, and if anyone ever needed a miracle, it’s Ethan Roberts.

One of the hardest things that Ethan has ever had to do is walk back into that small town, the place where he’d once made his biggest mistake. But walk back in he does, because he has a son who needs him.

What he never expected was to walk back in and find her there too.

Abigail Marshall was Ethan’s best friend when they were children spending summers at Lake Fisher. Abigail doesn’t see a broken man with a shady past. She sees the happy boy she once knew.

But Ethan is not that boy anymore. Now he’s a man hated by the townspeople, and for good reason. But he hates himself even more.

Despite the rumors and innuendo surrounding his past, she leaves the door open for him to step right back into her life and it feels like they never spent a day apart.

Twenty years changes a person, but when Ethan and Abigail are together, the past just disappears.

 But how long can he keep it away? Because the one thing he’d never be able to endure is Abigail hating him too.

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