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feels like forever, kl cottrell

Feels Like Forever by K. L. Cottrell – Free eBooks Download


She’s afraid to really live because of the pain of the past.
Liv-Andria is raising her kid niece on her own, and that’s exactly how she wants it. Guarded and disciplined, she’s committed to keeping Rae away from the darkness she grew up in herself. It hasn’t been easy, but it has paid off; their little life is a safe and happy one. And hell will freeze over before Liv lets anything threaten that.

He’s trying to really live despite the pain of the present.
Landon hasn’t been wildly happy lately. But while there’s nothing he can do about his heaviest stressor, he’s ready to take charge of everything else—time is a gift he’s done wasting. One thing that ends up on his to-do list? Attempt friendship with the girls who live next to him, because there’s a sweet joy about them that he seriously wants to learn from.

They aren’t expecting any of what is about to unfold.

A cautious girl. A charming guy. A cute kid. And the future they all deserve.

*This story deals with sensitive themes, including brief recollections of sexual abuse, and contains mature content.*

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