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fearless, abby brooks

Fearless (Wildrose Landing) by Abby Brooks – Free eBooks Download


Especially if he’s hot. And witty. And successful. Did I mention hot? Never mind. The point’s the same.
I moved to Wildrose Landing because my life was a structure fire burning down around me.
They say a phoenix rises from the ashes, new. I crossed my fingers and took a leap of faith, hoping that proved true. After a certain ex who shall not be named, did something so…unspeakable, the absolute last thing I’m looking for is love.
I don’t have the energy for complications. I need time to heal. To rebuild.
Alexander Prescott stumbles into my life and doesn’t care about any of that. He offers me a dream job without so much as asking for my resume…which I take without thinking. (Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.)
Besides, saying yes to new experiences is the kind of thing you do when you’re rising from the ashes and redefining yourself as fearless.
And Alexander Prescott is the walking definition of new experience.
From his dark curls and whiskey eyes to the spark of chemistry I fight like hell to ignore. He’s a bestselling author. An icon in his own time. But he says he’s in over his head and swears I’m the only one who can help.
I know there’s something he isn’t telling me but that’s okay, there’s something I’m not telling him.

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