Fated to the Alien Lord by Ella Blake (ePUB)

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Fated to the Alien Lord (Lords of Destra #3) by Ella Blake – Free eBooks Download


I survived the destruction of my ship but now I’m stuck protecting my only shelter—the crashed wreck. I’m a trained soldier, but not prepared for wilderness survival on an alien planet. When a color-shifting alien male named Zurian finds me, I…well, I shoot at him, but after that, I’m intrigued by the gorgeous male who carries a staff and claims to be searching for his missing brothers. After a bad military operation resulted in a few bionic parts, I thought I was as hardened as they got. But not when it comes to Zurian…
Bryn is fierce and beautiful and she ignites a fire in me that I cannot ignore, but my living ship is badly damaged and I must find the other Destran lords to save it. When my people fall ill with a mysterious ailment, Bryn and the cargo she guards may hold the key to curing them. To save her and my people, I must bring Bryn back to my ship…even if it means getting shot at again. But an impossible choice in the face of a deadly ambush could prove to be my undoing.

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