Fated to the Alien Dragon by Rebekah Wright (ePUB)

fated dragon, rebekah wright

Fated to the Alien Dragon by Rebekah Wright – Free eBooks Download


Fire from dragon shifting Kylo wasn’t the only thing heated between these two….
She swindled money from people, which he abhorred.
He kept meddling in her personal affairs, which infuriated her.
But when their hands made contact for the first time, sparks flew in different ways.
All her life, Aeryn was a con artist trying to make ends meet. She was a fake psychic, a fake real estate broker, a fake wife-to-be. When something real finally comes into her life in the form of a gorgeous skydiver, she’s scared to death.
Kylo wants to revive his long-lost shifting ability since his space pod crashed on Earth. The curvy, strong headed fortune teller is the only one who made his dragon self resurface. But that isn’t the only reason he couldn’t stop fantasizing about her.
When he finally moves on, his mission is to abduct her and bring her to his planet. Will they keep fighting their destiny or will they capture each others hearts?

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