Fated To Be King by Skye Alder (ePUB)

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Fated To Be King (Royal Rejection #2) by Skye Alder – Free eBooks Download


It was supposed to be a vacation.
I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and when I win my dream vacation, I have nothing but high hopes for the trip.
Then I get turned around and when I stop to ask for directions, I’m led to this castle and entered into some kind of Queen ceremony.
I’m trying to stay positive. I’ll just explain that I would make a terrible Queen and get back to my vacation.
Then I meet King Ryker.
I was supposed to find my fated mate.
The mating ceremony is a century old and that’s the only reason why I’m going along with it.
I don’t have high hopes for meeting my fated mate and I’m right. My wolf doesn’t react to any of the women brought in.
The only person of interest is Malia.
She wants to leave but it’s not safe for her in town, not alone, so I convince her to stay for the week and help me find my Queen. Then I’ll pay for her vacation and a flight home.
I don’t expect to start to fall for the curvy girl with a heart of gold.
I’m only supposed to fall for my fated mate and Malia isn’t her… or is she?

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