Fate Will Bring You Home by Danielle Lynn (ePUB)

fate will bring home, danielle lynn

Fate Will Bring You Home (Fate #1) by Danielle Lynn – Free eBooks Download


Who knew a simple guitar could change an entire family’s fate forever?

Aubrey Miller has always felt like something was missing. Little did she know that hole she felt would engulf her entire life. She uncovers a secret that has been kept from her since the day she was born. This secret will take her on a journey to finding her fate. She not only finds the missing pieces, but discovers a love that can change her life–if only she will let it.
Lincoln Marx is a true ladies’ man, handsome and charming, but when the layers are peeled back we discover that underneath his player persona there is a lonely kid just trying to find his place. After a life in foster care and bouncing from home to home, he finally found his forever parents who taught him how to trust again. Meeting them would be the catalyst that leads him to the love of his life.

Will fate be enough to overcome the obstacles their relationship will face or will they ultimately have to love each other from a distance?

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